Annual Church Meeting held on Sunday 24th March 2013.

Reports presented for activities in 2012

Church Secretary.

Well, this has been an “Olympic” Year with so much happening, even though we are still in an interregnum.

    Our Sunday Worship has been enriched each week by a variety of people, Ministers of word and sacrament, lay preachers and members of our congregation including The Rev’d Andrew Mawson. It was also a pleasure to have Rev’d Kathryn Louch with us again. We have been blessed by our retired Ministers in our congregation who have been very supportive of our spiritual life and we thank the Rev’d Arthur Kent, the Rev’d Susan Nuttall and our Interim Moderator Julie Jefferies for being there for us. I would also like to thank those in our congregation who come forward to be part of the worship team. Filling the pulpit each week is no easy task and it just would not happen if it was not for the diligence of Joanne Griffin.         The Emmaus course has been put on hold for the time being. Thank you to Arthur and Michael Payne for leading our discussions, which like all things, take time to prepare. We are looking to participate in sections of the TLS Lite course in 2013 as a joint initiative with St. Andrews Church, Cheltenham. The course will be open to all in our congregation and is intended to help us to grow in our spiritual life and also give confidence to those of us who assist in the leading of worship.
   Each month the Rev’d Arthur Kent and Michael Payne have continued to share the responsibility of leading the Tuesday morning service of “Wholeness and Healing”.
   Throughout the year the musical element of our worship has been kept alive by Marion Tunwell, Chris Roberts, Sheila Payne and Shirley Caddy.
   I report that the Elders had a very open and successful away day at Barnes Close, led by our Interim Moderator Julie Jefferies, and some further Saturday morning meetings including a visit to St. Andrew’s Church, Cheltenham to look at how we can further enrich the spiritual aspects of our church life and to make outreach into the community.
Children’s Activities play a very important part of our Church life and outreach into the community. Mark Pickering, our Pilots Captain, continues to strengthen our Pilots Group and we have seen a number of our young people receive their Master Mariners award and others have completed the Young Leaders Course. This year we celebrated Broadway Pilots 10th Birthday. We must not forget “The Mini Olimpics” which Councillor Liz Ayre officiated at when the “Jubilee Hut” was opened for the Pilots. 
The Easter, Christmas and Summer Children’s Activities continue to be well attended under the leadership of Bill Nelson, who is supported by a number of leaders both from the URC and the other Churches in the Village.
“Open The Book” continues to be taken into Broadway’s two primary Schools by Michael Eden and his team and it has been reported how the schools really appreciate these sessions and good links are now being established. Both schools had their end of Christmas term Service in our Church on separate occasions during the Christmas Tree Festival. Our Church continues to provide Broadway Primary School leavers with a Bible at the end of their school year.
This year we were able to share a Church lunch with Kathryn Louch when she carried out a service of celebration and blessing of the now completed “Jubilee Hut”. We have had another successful summer fete. The setting up was less stressful this year as “Pop up gazebos” have been purchased. It is always good to be on the green and meet with our friends in the village and visitors. Fun was also had at the two Quiz Nights run by Frank Waller. Another successful Christmas Tree Festival happened this year under the leadership of Michael Eden, his team of helpers, organisers Marion Tunwell and Shirley Caddy and stewards.
Churches Together in Broadway are now looking at stimulating stronger working links and we were able to share in a Faith Lunch at the Lifford Hall which was most enjoyable. A new venture this year which is proving popular is the
Tuesday games afternoon held in our hall, run as a “Churches together in Broadway” event, led by Mark Pickering and his team.
This year we have had three deaths in our congregation, the Rev’d Richard Collins, Judy Carson and Jo Boyde. All faithfull members and very much missed. Richard was always available to provide wise council and had a great knowledge on many subjects. Judy and Jo both led full lives with their varied interests as well as supporting church activities. Both ladies were supportive of Signpost.
I report that we welcomed in to the Church one new member by affirmation of faith in 2012. The average congregation each Sunday has been forty. No Baptisms have taken place.
I report that at in 2012 we have not received any applications for half time ministry of our Church here in Broadway.
Church and Society continue to keep us abreast with social issues, local, national and international. Michael Eden continues to manage our website and Kath Pickering to produce our monthly “News Letter”. Several caterings have taken place this year. It is always good to meet with the visiting groups.
I can report that the planned upgrading and maintenance of the Church premises was completed in 2012 including the erection of the Jubilee Hut and improvement to the flower room and vestry. A new and efficient central heating system has been fitted in the Hall also a new boiler in the church and radiators in the vestry. The Church and hall have also been painted. This work would not have been completed if it had not been for the meticulous planning and preparatory work carried out by the Vision, Premises and Finance Groups and the leadership of the “Clerk of works” Leslie Griffin. Although a contractor was brought in for some of the major works we must never forget that much of this work has been carried out by our own congregation, and took many, many hours of their time.
We must not lose sight of the fact that there are a number of people in our congregation that quietly carry out tasks unobserved by the rest of us to ensure the smooth running of our church premises , including the fact that the bins are out on time and that the hall is opened and closed for the outside bookings.
I say a thank you to Joanne Griffin the Churches Administrative Secretary for all the clerical work she carries out, including filling the pulpit, and for the support that she gives me, and to Audrey Harrison for taking the Church meeting Minutes. I also say thank you to all groups and individuals in our congregation, both members and adherents, for all the hard work you have put in during this past year and for your spirit and fortitude and for what has been achieved in the life of the Church to further the work of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ during 2012. May we move even further forward during 2013.

Christine Waller       Church Secretary


What a very busy year 2012 turned out to be with new buildings, new ideas and new faces in our Church family.   We have maintained our level of payments to Synod for maintenance of the ministry and the Elders and Church Meeting have already agreed to pay the level asked by Synod of £1505 per month for year 2013.   This is an increase of 2 ¼ %.
    At the beginning of June 2012 we completed and paid for our new Jubilee room used mainly by the Pilots the cost of which was nearly covered by our grant applications, leaving the Church to cover the balance of £1955.   This truly was an extraordinary project for so little expenditure and my thanks goes to all those Church members, Friends and families who helped.
    We also took on a mammoth maintenance updating and modernisation task covering the flower room, decorating the hall, renewal of the central hearing in the hall and storage facilities in the Manse garden, all of which has meant a premises which is certainly in very good shape for the future.
    Our donations to charities during the year has been well supported;  these include our chosen charities of Macular Degeneration, Sailors Society, Christian Aid and the Acorn Childrens Hospice.   Added to that, our ongoing emergency fund donations to Christian Aid for special needs during the year, Molly Mission, Caring Hands, Leprosy Mission, Ifakara Bakery, Open the Book and EAPPI, all of which were gifits to our chosen charities local and worldwide.   The total raised was in excess of £1900 and CFL in excess of £690.
    Our two main fundraising events, Summer Fete on the Green and Christmas Tree Festival both raised substantial amounts.   To this add quiz nights with suppers,  the CTIB 60+ games afternoons and catering for outside groups brought an income in excess of £1950, but we also gained a social lift etc in the highlighting of the URC in Broadway.   We had one bequest in April from the family of Edie Blake.
    We continued to receive rent for the Manse over the year which has been ring-fenced for the upkeep, up-grading and work required for future needs in modernisation of the bathroom and a complete rewire when it reverts to becoming a true Manse for Broadway’s URC Minister.
    Our investments in COIF Charities Investment Fund and COIF Charities Deposit funds have (considering the markets) raised a steady income.   We have recently taken out another Deposit fund with the ring-fenced money from the Manse rent, so that this sum will grow whilst waiting for the new bathroom and rewire to be carried out.
    Finally, my grateful thanks to the people who have helped me during the year.   It can be dangerous to name individuals, so I will encompass them by saying all our Church members, adherents and friends.   We certainly ended the year in a better position than we started, but I do think the icing of the cake would be a “new Minister” at Broadway.   What a challenge.

Leslie Griffin.

  Church in Society.

    Our committee identifies issues of local, national and global concerns which are appropriate for our Church to support and brings them to the attention of the Church members.
Our first event of the year was a Fairtrade Coffee Morning on March 10th. As well as raising the profile of Fairtrade, £50.81 was raised for the Fairtrade Foundation and the stall raised more than £170 for Traidcraft. The event was well attended.
Christian Aid Week. In 2012 Ann and Chris Walters took over the overall co-ordination of Broadway Christian Aid Week Collection.  . The commissioning service for collectors was taken by Anna Burden of Birmingham Christian Aid, assisted by the committee.  The URC Church collectors raised £870.72 (of which £319.32 was gift aided) and Broadway churches as a whole collected £3,094.The increase of about £300 in Broadway over 2011 was primarily due to the inclusion of the remaining roads in the village
At our service for One World Week, the Revs Gwen and Bernie Collins gave a fascinating talk about their missionary work in Papua New Guinea and their recent sabbatical in the country. In addition, interesting information was given by Susan and Peter Balaam about Palestine. Members of the committee assisted with the service.
On 18th November  in a  service to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Commitment  for  Life  Susan Nuttall spoke about the Movement and Peter Barlaam told us about his experience as an ecumenical accompanier in Palestine, the country in which our Church takes a special interest .The committee helped with the service.
    We dressed the tree at the Christmas tree festival with decorations reflecting the countries and charities we support, including those selected for special collections during the year.
    The Emergency Fund jar at the back of the Church has been steadily filling all year and is emptied weekly by Les. Thank you to all who have contributed and to Les and Michael Payne who have helped with counting all the money. In January 2013 the fund stood at £132.67, after the following donations had been made during the year:
West Africa - £150.00 (twice during the year) East Africa - £150.00. The special collections chosen by Church Meeting for 2012 raised the following sums: The Macular Degeneration Society:   £125.00. The Sailors’ Society:  £85.00. Christian Aid (Harvest Collection):  £175.00 (incl. Gift Aid)   Acorn Children’s Hospice:  £247.47 – collected at Christmas.
    During 2012 committee members visited the Christian Aid Tax Bus in Evesham and attended the CTIB Harvest Lunch. In addition, acting on a suggestion from Christian Aid, Sheila Payne lived on £1 a day for 5 days to highlight the problems facing those on very low income.
    Several members of the committee have offered to support the recently-introduced Games Afternoons on occasions.
    During the year Julie retired from the committee. We thank her very much for the work she has done, especially with organising the special collections and her work with Commitment for Life. Joanne continues to keep us up-to-date with The Leprosy Mission and Valerie and Julie with Caring Hands in the Vale.
    The committee currently comprises co-convenors- Sheila Payne and Ann Walters, together with Judy Aiton, Margaret Harrington (secretary), Edna Hodges, Margaret Strange, Pat Wallace and Chris Walters.

  Ann and Sheila   January 2013

Vision Group.

    The big effort in 2012 was to achieve completion of the Jubilee Hut project.  This was duly done and the two Openings were very happy occasions.  The first, and Official Opening, was on June 2nd, when Kathryn Louch, our previous Minister, came down from Scotland to do the honours in the presence of the Chairman of the Parish Council, one of our County Councillors and other assembled guests.
The second opening was on Friday, 6th June when Liz Eyre, our County Councillor for Youth, cut the tape during a special Pilots evening and pronounced the Jubilee Hut open, in particular, for Youth Work.  She was then good enough to stay and help all evening with running the mini Olimpix – a brave effort!
The other major project, on which the committee has been focused, was presenting the proposals to the congregation for the installation of Sliding Glass Front Doors to the Church.  This was agreed and it now remains to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s on the design detail before commencing work sometime in the Spring.  Particular thanks are due to Chris Walters for being our lead person in all the discussions with the manufacturers.

  Bill Nelson  


Many thanks to our hard-working committee and other helpers for all their efforts in a very busy year.

Organ repairs were completed
A new projector screen pull down cord was made by Shirley.
Two new radio microphones were purchased due to poor reception from the old ones.
18 stained or damaged church chairs were recovered and extra cloth is being purchased to re-cover a further 18.
The new Flower Room was completed, thanks to a donation of very handsome kitchen units by Frieda Jelfs.
Our Church cleaner, Emma Peacock, now cleans the Flower Room and the Jubilee Hut as well.

The new radiators have all been installed and the new covers put on.  The end result is a much warmer building and smooth, safe surfaces on all the exposed areas.  Huge thanks are owed to Les Griffin for doing the bulk of this work, ably abetted from time to time by Bruce Wallace, John Aberdein, Roger Harrington, Dave Preece and me.
All the internal walls and ceilings have been repainted and then the place was given a deep clean by contractors.
The gutters and downpipes were all cleared and many of the Hall notice boards have been rationalised and re-allocated.
A new Hall Cleaner, Diane Langston, started just after Christmas 2012.

Jubilee Hut
The small electric heaters which were installed are very effective indeed and, even in the coldest weather, it only takes about five minutes to become comfortable.  The timers are set to specific times – ¼ hour, ½ hour, 1 hour, 2 hours – by pressing buttons, and then they switch off automatically at the end of that time.  Thus, there is never a worry that the heating has been left on. Extra shelving has been purchased for the storeroom so that some order can be brought to the items there. (Thank you, Sue Jones, for chasing us men and making it happen!!)

The old Manse sheds have been replaced.  Equipment that is only used once or twice a year has been stored in it – table tops, trestles, Christmas tree bases, barbecue, spare plastic chairs and the gazebos.  

Reflective Garden

A quotation for work to prepare our new reflective garden has been accepted, with a few amendments of detail. Work will probably commence in March, when the weather is better.

SelectaDNA forensic property marking has been applied to all valuable items.  In the event of theft, this will aid the police in tracking down the criminals.
Three quick-erect pop-up gazebos have been bought.  They were all used at the Summer Fayre on the Green.  Three more will be purchased in February to replace the extremely unwieldy and time-consuming ones that we had

Youth Activities.

2012 was another good year for us.  We had the usual three events, one morning on Good Friday, one week in August and one morning on December 1st.
The two morning events had an attendance of 25 children and were both very enjoyable.  We had about 14 adults helping at each one, which made life very easy for us!  Jo Williamson came and talked to the children on Good Friday and did her usual superb job; the new vicar, Shellie Massey, came to the December event and talked to the children then – again, very well done.
In August, we had our 35th Activities Week!!  We had 53 youngsters and 24 Leaders and Helpers.  We all had a great time with ‘The Champions’ – a Bible Reading Fellowship Holiday Club programme – appropriate for a club running concurrently with the Olympics!  We ran our own mini-Olimpix.
Each day started with us all together in the church, playing a game.  We then had the entrance of the Olimpix Torch and the lighting of the cauldron (well, actually, it was a big candle!). Next, was a Bible Narrative where a story from the bible was commented on by a Narrator and two characters.  This was followed with a quiz on that story and, yes, you’ve guessed it, correct answers got prizes!
Tom and Orrion entertained us each day with a puppet show, featuring Bert and Lucy who were, in a convoluted and very amusing way, commenting on how to run our race called ’life’. We then sang a couple of songs – usually with loads of actions           Next, we had our daily drama featuring the Watt family.  There was very catchy introductory music which quickly became the children’s favourite tune!  This wacky Watt family were involved with the kidnap of Olympic athletes, the substitution of Grandma for the athletes, the obligatory ‘baddie’, the chases and a water gun which featured every day and managed to soak many of the children – much to their collective delight!  All ended well with medals all round. After all that excitement, we had drinks and biscuits and then split up into our four age groups at different locations and had a couple of hours of craft activities and mini-Olimpix and general letting-off of steam in the Activity Park.
On the Thursday, the 5s to 12s went by coach to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm at Wraxall, near Bristol, where we had a superb day with glorious weather.  We all went on a farm trailer ride which was extremely bumpy and great fun.  The Zoo Farm offered us Inside and Outside Activity Areas, giraffes (including a 7’ baby!!), a lion, a tiger, camels, rheas, storks, snakes, meerkats (simples!!), domestic animals, to name but a few.  It also had three mazes – two external and one inside – it was a bit of a challenge to find all the children, believe me!! We had a lecture and demonstration about venomous snakes and the sight of vipers and large cobras a few inches away, behind a plastic screen, was quite an experience. Meanwhile, the 13-17s, by popular request, had been to the Cotswold Water Park again (as last year) and made rafts and rowed them, and then spent a lot of time kayaking.  Most people managed to get very wet indeed, whether intentionally or not!
Friday evening saw the traditional show for the families, followed by a barbecue and social time.
Special thanks to Betty Phillips, Michael Eden, Tom Gormley and Jenny Bond, who were the leaders of the four age groups, to Valerie Willliams for all her support, to Yvonne Gormley, our Administrator, and, of course, all our helpers who gave up their time in order to give the children a memorable week. The usual question was asked near the end – “What are we doing next year?” !!!

Bill Nelson

Broadway PILOTS 

We celebrated 10 great years of Broadway PILOTS.

117 young people between 4 and 15 years old have been PILOTS and 15 of our regulars have received Master Mariner awards for achieving more than 5 years of attendance each.

A big thank you goes to the people of Broadway URC for their unstinting and prayerful support and for providing the new Jubilee Hut for our activities. Thanks also go to the West Midlands Synod, West Mercia Police, Broadway Parish Council and the Misses Barry Trust for their financial support that enabled us to take Pilots to National and Regional events to meet other young people, and to buy new equipment for games and drama.

Our team of officers have given of their time enthusiastically and creatively and it is they who make PILOTS a wonderful and fun experience for those 15 – 25 young people who attend weekly, and who introduce them to the possibility and joy of a life with God in it.

Our current officers have a combined service to Broadway PILOTS of over 50 years and we would welcome more people to join us to maintain and further develop a rich programme including music, crafts, worship, games, trips and camps.

PILOTS really is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

Mark Pickering, Captain, Broadway PILOTS

Communications.        Michael Eden.

      In the spring term I attended a 10 week course on designing websites at Evesham College. The intention was to enable me to produce a better church website. All of us on the course were disappointed at the content and whilst interesting it did nothing to help me improve the church website. I also attended a seminar at Carr’s Lane URC in Birmingham that was organised by a company who look after church websites. They gave useful information and also confirmed that what I am doing provides the main elements of a website. Last year 3601 people visited the website, about half from this country, a large amount from America and also 2% from Russia and 1% from the Ukraine!!
    Advertising leaflets were distributed around the top end of the village at Easter and Christmas. The message content of these leaflets needs discussing. Advertising in general is still a problem due to restrictions as to where we are allowed to put them and the impact they have. My thanks go to Val Williams for a lot of the distribution and to everyone else who delivered leaflets.

  Open the Book.       (School Assemblies)   Michael Eden.

We are now in our 7th year at Broadway First School and 5th year at St. Mary’s Catholic School. We have a team of 6 from both this church, St. Saviour’s and St. Michael’s. Once again we held assemblies in the church at Easter and at Christmas amongst the Christmas trees, but unfortunately not both schools together as it was considered to be unsafe with too many children squeezed in together. The children really enjoy the services and there is always too many children wanting to take part when there are parts for them. The team took a service in church that demonstrated how we do the assemblies and did two of the stories, showing how they can be very different in content. Thank you to the OTB team for your dedication to the assemblies.

  Fun and Fundraising.                 Michael Eden 

The two main events were the Fete on the Green and the Christmas Tree Festival. We were very fortunate that it did not rain on the day of the Fete and it was considered to be a successful day. For the first time the Christmas Tree Festival was held over two weekends to coincide with the village late night openings. This worked very well with all sponsors doing both weekends. Two quizzes were held, with supper, and these were greatly enjoyed by those attending which included a lot of non-church people. Our thanks go to everyone who helped in any way.

  Flower Guild.       Christine Waller on behalf of the Flower Guild.

Thank you to all who have continued to maintain the Ministry of Flowers.   This is a very important part of our Church life and much appreciated by those who receive the flowers.   We would like to remind you that as well as the flowers being distributed to our congregation they can also go out into the community to anyone in need.   This is all part of Gods Ministry.   All you have to do is speak with the duty Elder.
For those of you who donate the flowers, please let us know if it is for a notable date and it can be recorded in the news letter or on the Sunday Link so we can remember that person in our prayers, but we do understand that not everyone wishes to do so.
The Flower Guild is open to the entire congregation, male or female.   It is a very informal group who enjoy arranging flowers for themselves and others.   Offers of help are always welcome and you can always arrange your own flowers.
I would like to remind you that it is not necessary to do a formal arrangement;  a vase of flowers is most acceptable and much easier to dismantle for distribution.   Now we have the Flower Room with drainage and running water, it is wonderful.

Thank you all, once again, for your help and generosity during 2012