Young People's Activities


    PILOTS  is our children and young people’s group and we are part of the National PILOTS organisation which has around 140 companies around the country.
    Everyone aged 4 to 18 is welcome and we meet every Friday from 6.30 pm until 8 pm in term time. No uniform is necessary and it costs just 50p per week.
    Usually we have between 20 and 30 people each week and we have 8 leaders who work with the young people, all of whom are CRB checked.
We all join in for songs, pop and biscuits then we divide into four groups depending on age for stories, crafts, discussion, games and lots more, all in a Christian environment.
    Our outings and day trips have included 50 PILOTS and their parents going to Legoland and Longleat Safari Park and on 15th May 2010 we went to Warwick Castle along with 2,000 other PILOTS from around the UK.   
Some of our older PILOTS have chosen to go on summer camps with PILOTS from all over the country, and will be going again this year. Several of them have now undertaken a Leadership Training Course.

    If you’d like to know more contact Mark on 07542245560 or just come along and try it.  

New Fishy Paths into Broadway Pilots.   Pilots now can pick from two new routes in. They can go along stepping stones that make one side of the new fish or they can choose to go the other.   Either way, then it's just a hop, skip and a jump through the gate to the URC hall for another great evening of fun, games, worship, pop, songs and chocolate!   




What's a Ship Halfpenny to Broadway Pilots?   The new fish outside Pilots has an eye that is a Ship Halfpenny. But why?   Well, missionaries travel the world in ships to tell people about Jesus and how life can be better by living like he did.   To build ships needs money and children have given some of their wages and pocket money to help.   Pilots was formed in 1936, about the same time as the first Ship Halfpenny coin was made.   It is part of our fish to remember those children.    Why not drop in and try it?


   Pilots is for everyone aged 4 to 18 fun, biscuits, games, crafts, worship, camps, songs, trips, pop all in a caring Christian setting Just 50p a night , no uniform required every Friday in term time from 6.30pm to 8.00 pm In the URC Hall at the back of 77, High Street, Broadway why not call in to try it ? …………... or to find out more ring Mark on 07542245560 or 01386 442022.                                      

21st.  March. Crafts with Clare.
11th.  April. Last Pilots before Easter.
18th. April.  Good Friday Activities in the hall, 9.30 to 12.30.
2nd. May.  Pilots are back.
9th. May.  Family Barn Dance in the Lifford Hall.
18th. May. (Sunday) Pilots church service.
23rd. May.  Last Pilots before half term.
6th. June.  Pilots are back.
18th. July.  Last Pilots before the holidays.

Broadway Pilots shake, rattle and drum roll
On a dark and windswept night the howling wind was overpowered by the sound of shakers, cow bells and drums. In a hall, rammed with over 60 Pilots and their parents, walls vibrated and the plaster cracked as they put the instruments, and their tutor, through their paces. Actually, it was remarkably melodic as even the most tone deaf and non-musical of us  managed to join in a range of styles of music. 

Pilots really do have Talent

Broadway Pilots and their parents clapped and cheered as soloists and groups performed at the Christmas party. The birth of Jesus was celebrated by making Christingles and the circle of over fifty candles glowing in the dark was a wonderful experience.       Mark Pickering,  Captain.


Pilots at Big Celebration 
        Sixteen Pilots and four officers set off singing their own Pilots version of “ Wheels on the Bus” to join the Big Celebration where over 60 Pilots and 20 officers from four companies in the West Midlands got together at Barnes Close in Bromsgrove near Birmingham.   They made fruit-shaped sweets, cards, badges, decorated bags, ran around orienteering with a compass, and found clues on a treasure hunt. The worship theme was Celebrations and their clues spelled Christmas, one of the most important in the Christian year.  

Stopping only to refuel on burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ice cream – oh, and of course – sweets from the Tuck Shop- it was a great day and we met old friend and new from around the region. A big Pilots thank you goes to the West Midlands Synod Youth and Children’s Team, led by Chris Burgham, who organised the activities. 


                           Making bird boxes.


urc church:PILOTS Olympic Celebration

Olympic 75th Celebration at West Midlands Pilots 
A joint celebration held at Broadway Pilots in the Cotswolds had an Olympic theme because the Pilots Organisation and Brockworth Pilots were formed in 1936 and 1958, both Olympic years. One of the sports was 'shove ship-halfpenny' in recognition of the young people who raised money to buy a ship for missionaries to travel across the world to tell people about Jesus.
Over 50 Pilots and 22 parents, officers and helpers enjoyed burgers , hot dogs, a fantastic cake, and chocolate bars that were launched in the different decades of Pilots. Karen Bulley-Morrison, the National Pilots Development Officer told a story of the missionaries and everyone joined in with the energetic actions.  

Master Mariners at Broadway Pilots
At the West Midlands Pilots 75th Celebration Karen Bulley-Morrison presented Broadway Pilots Tom, Orrion, Jenni, Melissa, Victoria and Sophie with their Master Mariner awards to the tremendous cheers of a packed church.

Brockworth Pilots Officers team awarded badges
In recognition of their contribution to the ongoing success of Brockworth Pilots since it was formed in 1958, the team received their officers badges from Karen at the West Midlands Pilots 75th celebration at Broadway URC. Well done Barbara, Sam, Cloe, Tor and Brittany.



On Saturday 19th May a group of Pilots and adults went "Go Ape" in the Forest of Dean. A great time was had by everyone with no one backing out. Many of the youngsters took the difficult route through the trees which meant the accompanying adults had to follow! 


  Child Friendly Church Award.

The church has been given this award. It means that the leaders all have their Criminal Record Bureau disclosures and enough have done a First Aid course and Child Protection course. Other safeguards are in place as well. The church has a Pilots group, runs morning activities at Easter and Christmas and a week long activities mornings in August. We also take school assemblies. (see below). 

School Assemblies

The school assemblies have now been in operation for 7 years at Broadway First School. We have also been going into St. Mary's Catholic School for over four years. Both those leading, and the children, are enjoying them. As far as we know, this is the first time a group has done this. Altogether 6 people have been involved, coming from several different churches but they are under the leadership of the URC. The course being followed is called 'Open the Book', the 'book' being the Bible. The version used is especially written for children and is called 'The Lion Storyteller Bible'. The 'Lion' part is the name of the publisher. The scheme complies with Government regulations for school assemblies and many of the group attended a whole day of training to learn how to do them. 

Christmas Assembly.

The children from both the First Schools come to the church for their Christmas assembly. This took place during the Christmas Tree Festival when the church was decorated with the trees. The younger children from both schools had their assembly followed by the older children.

Easter Assembly.
For the first time, (Easter 2013) both schools went to St. Saviour's Catholic Church for their Easter assembly. Both the OTB team and children took part, telling the story of the crucifixtion and then the resurrection. This was followed by 3 songs.  


                                                 St. Mary's First School at their Easter Assembly.

Youth Activities

The church takes the lead in organising an Activities Week in August for local children of school age. Under the leadership of Bill Nelson there are about 30 other people who help, from actively leading groups to supplying the drinks and biscuits. There can be anything up to around 70 children taking part during the week. Both helpers and children come from the village and surrounding area. A published course is followed for the instruction part of the morning before the children go into different age groups for a wide variety of activities.  One day they go out on a visit to somewhere so they can let off steam and enjoy themselves. The Friday evening is when the parents come and see what the children have been doing and enjoy a barbeque.

At Easter and Christmas, morning events are held. The children have stories about the events of those times, before they engage in practical activities. The Easter event is held on Good Friday.

Children's Easter Activity morning will be held on Good Friday 2014, 9.30 until 12.30.



Children's Summer Activity Week   Picture one is a play in the church, the others are the eldest group at the Cotswold Water Park.

Children's Christmas Activity Morning,  The date for 2014 is likely to be Saturday the 29th November, it will start at 9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m.

Youth Activities Week,   This will be on 11th to 15th August, 9.30 to 12.30 p.m.


Please note that all photographs are shown with permission.

Pilots in Panto.

Our Pilots play an important part in the village pantomime, as do several of the officers and other members of the church. The pantomimes were started by a former Minister and are now an annual event around Christmas. This year our Pilots are playing important roles in the pantomime, 'Dick Whittington'. 

Cinderella about to leave for the ball.
Cinderella and her father, Baron Hardupp
6 little maids are we, in rehersal, waiting to go on stage.
In full voice.
'Be back by midnight!'
Pilots in Sleeping Beauty 2012.