Church Groups

The church has several groups and committees that organise events, services, and other essential aspects of church life.

Church in Society. This group keeps us in touch with what is going on in the world and acts as our social conscience. It organises services for One World Week and the Christian Aid events, including speakers at special services that inform us about Christian Aid work. Through our Commitment For Life giving we support the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee.

Pastoral Care.  A very important part of the church is the care it gives to its members and friends and indeed anyone in need. Everyone in the church is in a group and 'looked after' by another member. In this way any concerns can be quickly identified and a solution found.

Prayer Circle. This is a group of members who when asked to, pray for a person or cause. This is done in confidence.

Worship Committee. When we had a minister this committee advised, reviewed and helped in the structure and type of services. Now it plans who is going to lead worship, reviews the types of services, and its members also lead worship.

Bible Study. The bible is our 'instruction' book and so is studied to learn more. This group works in conjunction with the Broadway Methodists, so that both churches study the same thing. In this way members can go to either church.

Fun and Fundraising Group. As the name suggests, this group organises the social side of church life.

Finance and Premises Committee. The buildings have to be looked after and everything has to be paid for, so this committee looks after this part of the church.  

CateringThe church is able to provide lunch and tea for pre-booked groups. Go to 'Contacts' for more information.  

Communication. This produces advertising leaflets for distribution around the village, Welcome Leaflet, newspaper contacts and updates the website. (New one coming soon)