All the Latest News

A New Minister.  The church is pleased to announce that a new Minister has been appointed. He is the Revd. Kenneth Martin and his wife is Doreen and they have a son James. His induction took place on Sunday 22nd. September at 4.00 p.m.

Here is a little about Ken and his family.

Celebrating Harvest with a New Minister.
Harvest Festival on Sunday 29th September was the first service for the Reverend Kenneth Martin, the new Minister at Broadway United Reformed Church. 
Both he and his wife Doreen come from Northern Ireland. Ken started his Christian life by doing evangelism work in Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy and India and then joined a boat to continue the work in Asia. After a short time in the Merchant Navy he married Doreen and then went to Jamaica as a Seafarers Chaplain, which was followed by a time in the Port of Antwerp, where their son James was born. Then followed 33 years as Chaplain in the Port of Felixstowe. His wife is a Nurse and Midwife and has also served the Church in Northern Ireland and Zaire. The family are looking forward to a new chapter in their Christian life here in Broadway.
Ken said "I am looking forward to be a Pastor and Friend to the people of Broadway and the surrounding areas". 

In the first picture are Mrs. Anne Hayes, Doreen's sister. Seated, Mrs. Doreen Martin, then their son James and the Revd. Kenneth Martin.

The second picture has Mrs. Julie Jefferies, who was our Interim Moderator, Mrs. Margaret Marshall, clerk to the West Midlands Synod, the Revd. K. Martin, Revd. Roy Lowes, Moderator, and Revd. Richard Edwards.


A new activity has been started called 'Threads'. As the name suggests it is for people to get together to knit, crochet, or sew, have a cup of tea or coffee and have a chat about things Christian and generally put the world to rights. It is held in the Jubilee Room on Wednesdays 15th January and 15th February 2014 from 2 to 4 p.m. For more information contact Christine Waller on 10386 833494.

Fete on the Green    This was held on the 6th July, on a very hot day. Despite this there was a steady flow of customers who helped to swell the income to a record level.


A new building, called 'The Jubilee Hut' has been built.


 The old building has been removed and the foundations are laid for the new one and on the right the new building is under construction. 


The Revd. Kathryn Louch, previous Minister of the church, performing the opening ceremony for the 
new building on Saturday 2nd June 2012.


Everyone was eager to view the new building, which was then followed by a lunch for all those who had attended.

Child Friendly Church Award.

The church has been given this award. It means that the leaders all have their Criminal Record Bureau disclosures and enough have done a First Aid course and Child Protection course. Other safeguards are in place as well. The church has a Pilots group, runs morning activities at Easter and Christmas and a week long activities mornings in August. We also take school assemblies. (see below). 

 School Assemblies

The school assemblies have now been in operation for seven years at Broadway First School. We have also been going into St. Mary's Catholic School for over four years. Both those leading, and the children, are enjoying them. As far as we know, this is the first time a group has done this. Altogether 6 people have been involved, coming from several different churches but they are under the leadership of the URC. The course being followed is called 'Open the Book', the 'book' being the Bible. The version used is especially written for children and is called 'The Lion Storyteller Bible'. The 'Lion' part is the name of the publisher. The scheme complies with Government regulations for school assemblies and many of the group attended a whole day of training to learn how to do them.

Christmas Assembly.

The children from both the First Schools come to the church for their Christmas assembly. This took place during the Christmas Tree Festival when the church was decorated with the trees. The younger children from both schools had their assembly followed by the older children.

Easter Assembly.
For the first time, (Easter 2013) both schools went to St. Saviour's Catholic Church for their Easter assembly. Both the OTB team and children took part, telling the story of the crucifixtion and then the resurrection. This was followed by 3 songs.  


                                      St. Mary's Catholic School at their Easter assembly.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Collection   At our last special collection for Caring Hands in the Vale, in October 2013, we collected toothbrushes and toothpaste. There was a very good response to this collection. At the same time, we collected any surplus face flannels or hand towels. Please do not stop bringing in tinned food. Caring Hands and the people that they support are very grateful for all the things that we take for them. I have been asked to say a special thank you to all the ladies who knit or crochet. The ponchos, scarves etc. are apparently in great demand and are taken from the stock as soon as they are put out. Thank– you for everything you do. Val Williams